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Meet Edwin: The Perfect Gift for a Child with Autism

It’s not too late to get the special needs child you love something amazing this year.

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Aiden’s Battle is Our Battle

As I read the words “Stage IV high risk neuroblastoma,” two worlds collided within my mind. He has cancer. This little, adorable, sweet, beautiful five year old boy who has nonverbal autism, also has stage IV cancer.

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Crumbs of Courage

I want to write; it replenishes me. But some days my own mind will not allow me the release. I am left in an emotional state of paralysis, where I can’t seem to find my way out of the rabbit hole. But I am beginning to discover an elite group of therapists who specialize in my particular affliction; my fellow mom writers.

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To The Special Needs Parent Who Says We Aren’t Special…

f you are truly concerned that a special needs parent will not feel “special” enough for the lifelong task they’ve recently inherited, then perhaps, instead of insisting that none of us are special, tell them that they sure as hell will be.