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Goodbye to the Carousel

I looked around and I saw babies and toddlers and teenagers with magic in their eyes as my boy clung to me for dear life. I looked into to the sympathetic gaze of my lifelong best friend and my eyes welled up with a thousand tears I had never cried. 

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Tolerance is Tolerance.

Today, after almost one year of sharing my true heart and personal story with all of you here on Facebook and on my blog, I got my first hate-mongering comment. To be honest, I’m surprised […]

Hi, Rainbow.

My son was silent for three years. He led me by hand to everything he wanted or needed. I didn’t know if I would ever hear his little voice… but he found it. Regressions can […]

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Aiden’s Battle is Our Battle

As I read the words “Stage IV high risk neuroblastoma,” two worlds collided within my mind. He has cancer. This little, adorable, sweet, beautiful five year old boy who has nonverbal autism, also has stage IV cancer.

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Crumbs of Courage

I want to write; it replenishes me. But some days my own mind will not allow me the release. I am left in an emotional state of paralysis, where I can’t seem to find my way out of the rabbit hole. But I am beginning to discover an elite group of therapists who specialize in my particular affliction; my fellow mom writers.

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The 5 DONT’S of IEP Meetings

All of the fears that you have buried deep-down in the belly of your subconscious are suddenly summoned out into the open, to be confronted and discussed among a group of professional strangers. If that’s not a recipe for an emotional overload, I don’t know what is.

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Marriage: The Good Fight

Marriage: Where Does The Good Fight End?

We know that, undoubtedly, there will be hard times. There will be uphill battles. And we agree to fight this good fight until the bitter end. But where is this metaphysical bitter end? And how do we know when we have arrived.

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sons autism saved marriage

How My Son’s Autism Diagnosis Saved My Marriage

Like looking through a pair of binoculars as they come into focus, we saw our pixelated lives become clearer and brighter before our eyes. We had stumbled and fell face first into the one thing we weren’t looking for, clarity.

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Special Needs Parenting: The Struggle is Real

Questioning, seeking, confronting, hearing, and accepting a diagnosis has not exactly been a picnic in the park for us, so can you please not make this part harder on us than it has to be? The last thing we need right now is to convince you of something we, too, are struggling to accept. We are working full-time to support our children through this, so please don’t make us work for your support too.